COVID-19 has forced property managers to rearrange their staff and essentially change up some of their processes with their businesses themselves, so along with everything internal there already some things that we can predict will happen. And there will also be some items that we won’t be able to of course. Here a few things on the list as far as a backlog:

For known and unknown maintenance requests to keep our handymen and team very busy.

The exploration of the month to month leases that we have all prolonged to get through. Some of those will expire and we think that some of our residents will be excited to move because they have been in quarantine for quite some time in the same area. 

There has been a shift in the sales market, so if you are an investor it is pretty exciting to watch and see all of that unfold. And as a real estate broker, we all want to be apart of that. Not only for the sales opportunities but with COVID-19 a lot of our homeowners are being put into the rental market and so we will want to collect all of those hot leads to make sure that we are filling the vacancies quickly. With all that being said, we have an agent network and we are all here on demand when you need us. Here is a list of some of the features that we provide:

We have free scheduling software for your team. With that, you get on-demand showing with our network of agents. If for any reason you or your team want to go out on vacation after this is all over or you want to hang out with some of your friends. Give us a call and we can help you take care of your portfolio. We do a detailed move in move out condition reports, so those are all provided to you in a PDF report to show with your owners. We will also take on those awkward mid tenant inspections. We are essentially an extension of your existing team. We work Sunday to Sunday to make sure that your properties are well taken care of. We have a strong presence in Denver and then also in Boulder and Colorado Springs come June. 

Since COVID-19 has begun we have seen an increase in the number of leads that we have gotten across the board and while others report that this is the case for them as well, it is not the case for every property management company that we have spoken to. Legacy Property Management reports that they have had numerous calls because people were afraid to list their homes for sale, so they have then decided to lease their home or they were on the market and then they pulled it off for lease. Other companies report that their leads have dropped off, especially in the Denver area. They have seen a slow down in the sense that people want to wait maybe 1 month or 2 months until this whole COVID-19 crisis has come to and end.