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Leasing Only

1 - 2 Month’s rent
Based on Lease Length
  • Property Walk-thru to address RENT READY ISSUES
  • Market Analysis of Property
  • Prepare & execute documents for leasing
  • Professional photographs
  • Install signs (if applicable) & Lockbox
  • Advertise via Website (80 rental sites), MLS (Multiple Listing Services) & Realtor Database
  • Field emails/qualify inquiries
  • Coordinate Showings/Weekly report to owner via showings software
  • Present at all showings
  • Vet out & process all tenant applications
  • Application Review
    • Background check
    • Calling references
    • Verification of income
    • Present to Owner
  • Negotiate lease terms, contingencies
  • Upon Approval of applicant
    • Collect HOLDING FEE to reserve property
    • Execute Lease
    • Set up concierge Services for Utilities
    • Notify HOA (If applicable)
  • Schedule Re-keying of locks
  • Onboard New Tenant
    • Move in videos/photos
    • Issue Keys
  • Remove sign/lockbox
  • Process Paperwork

Leasing and Property Management Services


  • Enforce lease
  • Manage lockouts
  • Address unauthorized pets or tenants
  • Follow up on Neighbor/HOA complaints
  • Send violations letters
  • Respond to tenant questions/complaints
  • Rent collection
    • ACH online payment
    • Maintain tenant ledgers
    • Deal with NSF
    • Post notice for unpaid rents
  • Mid-Year PM/Maintenance survey
    • Schedule & file evictions with attorney
    • Arrange & meet sheriff if applicable
  • Maintain security deposit in escrow account
  • Negotiate Lease extensions/renewals
  • Monitor rent rate increases
  • Upon 60 day notice
    • Move out Procedures enforcement
    • Inspection walk thru
    • Re-list property for showings/ensure property in good condition for new tenants
  • Security Deposit disposition
  • Property Turnover procedure


  • 24 hour emergency & maintenance
    • Non-Emergency requests submitted online thru portal
  • Maintain qualified contractor list
  • Produce work orders/issue invoices & pay vendors/maintain copy of invoices for owners
  • Notify Owner of maintenance expense/issues
  • Maintain web-based maintenance tracking system with outstanding work orders
  • Ensure work is done adequately on site.
  • Manage nuisance maintenance calls/troubleshoot over phone
  • Manage habitability issues
  • ** COST **
  • FOR LEASING with Management Services
    • 80% of 1 month’s rent.
    • If 18 months or greater, 1 full months rent.
  • For Management Services
    • 8.9% of 1 months rent/month (for rents up to $5000/mth)
  • Cost for Eviction Services $500
    • (for up 5 hours, then $80/hour) plus actual costs for attorneys/sheriff

Additional Fee To Add:

Routine Maintenance issues will be marked up 10-15% above final contractor price.

MID YEAR LEASE INSPECTION performed by 3rdParty with full report $60/year

Managing Rehab, Renovation or Restoration

  • Owners can use anyone to oversee & manage large projects (in general over $1000 or with multiple tradesmen). When Owners ask Legacy to manage the large projects there is a 15% Project Management Premium (15% of the cost of the project is paid to the Property Manager to get estimates, manage the work, oversee quality controls,  address cleanup/warranties and invoicing issues).  When owner oversees these large projects there is no charge.

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Professional tools to maximize your home's earning potential

Property Marketing

Find the right tenant for your property fast, with our marketing experts on your side. We use an assortment of advertising and promotional techniques to spread the word.

Tenant Screening

Tired of getting stuck with subpar tenants? Let us start your next lease off right with a quality renter. We screen every application carefully, keeping you protected.

Rent Collection

Never again chase after a late rent payment again. We handle all monthly billing and collections for you, with earnings quickly deposited in your bank account.


Keep your tenants satisfied and your home protected. We process maintenance requests online and dispatch trusted vendor partners to get the job done right.

Property Inspections

Our management team performs frequent inspections of your rental property, ensuring tenants respect the terms of their leases and your home stays looking great.

Financial Reporting

Make tax season a breeze with our financial reports. We generate monthly statements, complete with earnings and expenses, and put everything in the digital owners portal.


We are passionate about being a resource in education and information in this ever-changing market. For Owners, we provide valuable information on their asset and how to maintain residual revenue. For Tenants, we provide quality properties to maintain and all home. For Referral Partners, continuing education classes taught to realtors and property managers in the Denver Metro area, membership of local realtor and property management boards as well as podcasts and webinars for investors online.

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We're Committed to Keeping You in the Loop

Unlike some property managers who make it impossible to reach them, we work overtime to keep you informed of what's going on with your property. If you need support or guidance, we're always happy to take your call.

Renters Love Our Sensational Customer Service

Keeping our tenants happy is an equally important part of the property management equation. By quickly responding to repair requests and maintaining friendly service, we keep turnover rates low. This, in turn, puts more money back in your pocket.

Our Team is Honest, Plain and Simple

Working with a property manager can feel like taking a giant gamble. At Legacy Property Management, we do our utmost to earn your trust. We don't use hidden fees or costs to boost our earnings, and we don't push unpleasant situations under the rug.

We're Experienced Experts

Don't entrust your Denver rental home to just any property manager. We've successfully helped countless local property owners to get more out of their homes. Shouldn't you join the club?

"Annemarie has always rented our property out quickly and works hard to ensure the property is ready to rent. She provides all necessary documentation and mid-lease inspections and responds to all inquiries in a timely manner. We have never worried that the property wasn’t being well managed. Would highly recommend her services."

 - Matthew & Kara, Satisfied Clients

"Annemarie is a polished professional property manager. Her manner is friendly. Her work is always top-notch, timely and excellent. Examples include when equipment is broken or something needs fixing, she knows who to call and gets it done. Thanks to Annemarie...she helps to keep our tenants happy."

 - Kim, Satisfied Clients

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