Moving Checklists

Moving Doesn't have to be a challenge

If you're getting ready to move, we'd like to do our best to simplify the process for you. We've compiled these helpful checklists using questions we often hear from our tenants. Please read through all of the information below to ensure you take care of all of the responsibilities associated with moving into or out of a Legacy PM property.

If you still have questions, simply give us a call for assistance: (720) ­445-­9515.

Move-in Checklist

Welcome to your brand new rental property. Once you have been approved, use the following information to start your new lease off on the right foot.

Step 1: Lease Signing, Holding Fee & Administration Fee

You will be requested to sign the your lease, pay the holding fee (typically matches the rental amount in most cases) and pay the administration and leasing fee ($200) within 3 days.

Pet Fees: If you have registered your pet with your application through, a pet fee and pet rent will be assessed. You will be required to make payments prior to move in.

Step 2: Rent or Prorated Rent

3 Days prior to move in, ensure your rent is paid.

Step 3: Set up your utilities

You may use our FREE Concierge Service to assist you with setting up utilities or you can do it yourself. Please take care of this immediately upon lease signing; failure to change over the accounts will likely result in outages and additional fees to restore the service. View the utilities sheet.

STEP 4: Move In Date & Inspection MOVE-IN DATE & INSPECTION

You will get an email with your move in date and time, please be prompt. You must present your Tenant Liability Insurance at the move in or through your Tenant Portal.

You will be sent a link to the MYWALKTHRU app, a unique and convenient way for you to provide your move in report to our office.


Move In Video

Move-out Checklist

If your lease is set to expire and you do not plan to renew it, please read through the details below:


We must receive written notice of your intent to vacate your home within 60 days of your lease termination . If you're trying to vacate before the end of your lease, you would should refer to your EARLY TERMINATION OF LEASE requirements in your executed Lease.


Your home needs to be returned to us in the same condition in which it was rented. We will use the move in condition report to start our move out checklist. submitted during the move out inspection.

You are required to Professionally House Clean and Carpet Clean the home. We recommend providing the MOVE OUT CLEAN CHECKLIST to your contractor to avoid additional cleaning fees being reconciled to your deposit. To avoid cleaning fees, you also need to thoroughly clean the property and remove all of your belongings. Take special care to wipe down walls and appliances, sweep or vacuum the floors, and sanitize the bathroom areas.

If cosmetic damages have occurred, such as nail or screw holes, these also need to be fixed.


After you move out of your rental home, our management team will perform a final inspection. If any damages are identified during this visit, we will need to schedule repairs. The costs for such repairs will be deducted from your deposit as well as any additional cleaning that was required.

The remainder will be returned to you as quickly as possible per the lease requirements .

Move Out Video